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Destiny Life Church is a non-demoninational Ministry  located in Melbourne, FL.


Destiny Life Vision is to Develop People to engage in a Holistic Process of Spiritual and Fundamentally Maturing; Expand Vision by perceiving and seeing clearly God's destined plan and intentionally impacting others with that assignment; Pursuing Destiny by passionately progressing into God's original design for our lives. Thereby, displaying all of who we were created to be, by bringing God Glory throughout the Earth.


We invite you to discover more about our Ministry and either join us LIVE on our Online Campus here or visit one of our Campus Locations...


Dr. Ron Greene & Pastor Tanya A. Greene




Destiny Life is a spirit filled church with a passion for the truth of God's Word through Jesus Christ, and a ministry full of compassion to show men the love and mercy of the only true and living God.





Destiny Life exists to recruit, train, and develop every person into a mature relationship with God the Father through His Son, Christ Jesus by the Holy Spirit. Empowering and enhancing individuals through their God-given potentials and to transform those potentials into a unified community for the Kingdom of God.






Destiny Life fulfills its purpose by:


*Recruiting people of all backgrounds and empowering them through the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

*Conducting seminars/workshops on education, economics, and business incubators.

*Educate each believer with revelation, information and biblical structure.

*Equip the believer for every good work.

*Mentor the believer to effectively reach others for the Kingdom of God.






Destiny Life Church is a church equipped in Prayer, Intercession and Power of Agreement as a major tool for victory. Our goal and aim is to bring restoration and reconciliation to those that are lost in sin, by cultivating this church into a house of refuge. We are dedicated to raising up a generation of confident, strong, and prosperous believers, who will build the Kingdom of God that will last throughout all eternity for Christ.

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