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Music Ministry


Under the direction of Dr Ron the Music Ministry, Shekinah Voices ministers on a weekly basis presenting a atmospher for the miraculous. This time in our service is both engaging and comforting as the Worship Leaders encourage the audience to release their Faith for God to move through their on purpose song selections. 




Kingdom Ladies 


Under the direction of Pastor Tanya the Women Ministry, Kingdom Ladies is known for their yearly conferences, monthly Ignite My Fire breakthrough services and caring and loving sessions that allows everyone an opportunity to grow and be strengthened in their roles as a lady, mother, wife and christian. See the event page to get connected.



JAM Youth 


Our youth ministry is a great place for your child to connect and grow. Every Wednesday night the youth engage in bible activities and lessons that are centered around teaching them fundamental principles about God's Word. They love it as they are challenged to learn the books of the bible etc. through age appropriate games. 


Men Of Standard


Men need encouragement too. Dr. Ron has a way of speaking right to the heart of where men are to ensure they are being the priest of their home by providing the necessary tools to be strengthened and remain a spiritual provider as well as a natural provider. Your family and the role you play in your families life is so important to us. Connect today.

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